Carol Steinhouse founded this company in 2017.

Introducing ourselves…

Our company was founded in 2017.  We may be new, but we are growing very fast. Being a new company on the market makes us provide an extra effort for customer care service and product development. Within a few months, our company took the lead locally in rental service of equipment for the residential and corporate parties. We are a women led company. This means that we carefully approach every detail and aspect of our work and pay special attention to the cleanliness of our equipment.


Over the next few years, we plan to increase our turnover by several times and reach a higher level, expanding the scope of our activities.By the beginning of next year we will launch new equipment lines for both children’s and adult parties. We are actively expanding the work in the field of animation, finding new creative animators.Follow our news and we will not cease to amaze you with our new products.


Cleanliness and serviceability of the leased equipment and personalized customer service. Maximum satisfaction of each request and quick resolution of problems.

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